Revere Copper

Sustainability & Safety Pledge

Revere Copper has produced copper products since 1801 when Paul Revere rolled the first copper sheets in Canton, MA. Along the path to our current facility in Rome, NY, we have chosen to employ the best practices in the manufacturing of copper sheet, strip, coil, plate and bar products. We focused on energy savings, recycling, chemical and water conservation well before it was recognized as being good for our planet.

Revere provides our customers with products that contain up to 100% recycled copper. We have industry standard Safety Data Sheets for our products, as well as Health Product Declarations and Life Cycle information. We audit our supply chain to make sure they are providing raw materials that meet our ethical standards. We are proud to say that our copper products are used in many electrical applications that provide superior energy savings when compared to competing materials. Today’s electric vehicles, charging stations, and power supply systems rely heavily on copper’s efficiencies.

For many years, Revere has been a leader in employee safety. Our employees actively participate in risk identification and reduction. We use Behavioral Based Safety practices, continuously aimed at improving the safety of our employees at home and at work. Revere also provides employee engagement in the community along with many social activities for our co-workers.

We continuously strive to protect the environment with each upgrade of equipment, water processing steps, and overall energy consumption. Our water treatment systems are in full compliance with state regulations and often return river water with lower copper levels than our municipal water intake.

Revere pledges to continue engaging in the best manufacturing and sourcing practices while producing our products. We will support industry wide programs to further enhance copper’s ability to assist in energy conservation and C02 reduction.

Our Mission Statement is as relevant today as it was when it was developed in 1994.