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Manufacturing at Revere

Throughout Revere Copper’s centuries-long journey, we’ve embraced manufacturing systems that continue to improve over time as new technologies and strategies have emerged. Accordingly, Revere has made capital investments for continuous improvement, reliability and maintenance of our equipment, and behavior management techniques. This initiative focuses on the relentless pursuit of waste elimination and the drive to increase value for our customers.

We are continually evaluating and re-designing our manufacturing processes, maintaining our equipment and training our employees to incorporate tools such as accelerated improvement workshops, 5s events, mistake-proofing, value stream map analysis, visual controls, “pull” metal flow systems and inventory control. This effort has resulted in a measurable increase in the percentage of value-added tasks we perform.

To continue the ongoing success of our journey, we have created a full-time team of leaders trained in these initiatives. As we rotate new employees through the team, we are affirming our commitment to continued improvement.