Revere Copper

Other Applications

Copper offers endless possibilities for designers and creators of all types.

handmade Copper Jewelry
Artists, sculptors, and jewelry makers have worked for ages with copper due to its malleability. Copper is readily worked by hammering, chasing, engraving, and cold rolling, and it is often further ornamented by gilding, enameling, or applying precious stones.
A beautiful and soft metal, copper is ideal for other applications including photo engraving, etching, lithography, plaques, and electroplating.
Copper Wall Art
Revere Ware Copper Cookware Pots and Pans
Due to its superior heat transfer, durability and inherent beauty, copper has been used for centuries in cookware, utensils, cups, kettles, teapots and more. Although it is no longer affiliated with Revere Copper Products, many still think of Revere Ware as a very dependable and long-lasting cookware.