Revere Copper


Revere serves many industries by offering the highest quality copper products for a wide variety of applications – ready for immediate shipment anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico and several countries abroad.

Revere has been the world’s copper leader for over 200 years. When architects and specifiers look for architectural copper, they look to Revere Copper Products as the premier roofing and wall cladding manufacturer.
EV Automotive & Transportation
Electric Vehicles (EV) and their supporting infrastructure require large amounts of copper. As the market for EV grows, Revere will stand ready to meet the demand.
Copper’s role in medical applications – from devices and hospital equipment to treatments – has been recognized for centuries and will continue to play a critical part for centuries to come.
Copper’s high electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and solderability make it the best choice for electrical applications.
Copper is the premier choice because of its resistance to corrosion, high thermal conductivity and machinability.
Ancient civilizations recognized the antimicrobial properties of copper, and it has become even more valuable in modern times as an effective means to fight disease.
Design & Build
Copper and its alloys offer visually stunning qualities, strength, and sustainability. Designers and builders can achieve their visual, performance, environmental and cost-effectiveness goals with copper in the mix.
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy sources are powering a clean energy revolution, and copper is vital to the wind turbine farms and solar panel systems that are producing clean energy for the world and future generations.
Data Storage
With the continued growth of e-commerce and telecommunications, the reliability and affordability of copper are proving it to be highly suitable for data centers.
Other Applications
The inherent properties and versatility of copper and copper alloys make them ideally suited for a limitless number of applications for consumer products such as cookware, jewelry, engraving and more.