Revere Copper

Data Storage

Reliable and affordable copper has the capability of transferring data at the highest available bandwidth.

Data Storage Server Room

Copper is one of the main types of network cabling that are used in data centers and has the capability of handling 100 Gbps for a distance of 8 meters. Copper cables also offer lower latency, enhanced reliability, and less power consumption which can lead to lower capital expenditures and operational costs.

When planning data centers, companies can see significant savings in capital investment and operational expenses by choosing copper cables over fiberoptics. A twisted pair of passive copper cables are as much as 2 to 5 times less costly, and copper cables use much less power and need less cooling resulting in lower energy use and operating costs.

Clean, quick, reliable data

The data that is currently available from multiple unconnected sources must be quickly transferred into computing applications, then into storage areas after which needed bits of information is pulled back into analysis models to provide AI functionality. Copper is playing a key role in the generation of the power required to run these data centers, along with the distribution networks to deliver the power. In data centers, copper switch gear and busway systems efficiently and consistently conduct this power.

Data Centers have sprung up throughout the world at a surprisingly fast rate and continue to exceed their growth projections. The cause of this growth has been spurred by our work from home, cell phones, online gaming, shopping and social media. What continues to expand the need for clean uninterrupted power is increasing requirements for more volume, velocity, and variety. These requirements were always a driving force for consumer demand, recently artificial intelligence requirements for factory automation, self-driving vehicles, inventory management, and many other emerging technologies have exponentially increased the need for clean, quick, reliable data.