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EV Automotive & Transportation

Copper plays a critical role in cars for functionality, efficiency, comfort and safety.

Electric Vehicles Copper Content by Vehicle Type Chart
Copper and copper alloys have been in continuous use in automotive applications since the early days of automotive manufacturing when polished brass engine covers and prominent brass fittings gave vehicles of that era their unique look. Today, copper is essential to electric vehicle technology and is used throughout hybrid and electric vehicles, charging stations and supporting infrastructure because of its durability, high conductivity and efficiency.
Electric Vehicle Car Chargers Copper

Mass transportation from E busses to rail systems all use copper for power and transmission. Modern rail vehicles and infrastructures are extremely copper-intensive. Copper is an efficient material with properties that save energy in rail transport and increase the reliability of existing rail infrastructures.

Electric Vehicles (EV) and their supporting infrastructure require large amounts of copper. Copper coil, sheets, wire and bars are a key component in making these vehicles energy and environmentally efficient. As the market for EV grows, Revere will stand ready to meet the demand. When this generation of Electric Vehicles reach their end-of-life stage, our copper will be recycled and reused for the next generation.