Revere Copper

An Unparalleled History of Copper Excellence

American Manufacturing
At Revere Copper Products we’re proud of our centuries-old reputation of providing exceptional quality, delivery and customer service to a wide variety of industries. Our manufacturing systems continue to evolve as new technology emerges, and our focus remains on relentless efforts to eliminate waste and increase value for our customers.
Revere serves many industries by offering the highest quality copper products for a wide variety of applications – ready for immediate shipment to anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico and several countries abroad.
Recycled Material Processing
Copper has been and will continue to be one of the world’s most recycled and recyclable materials. In fact, copper in use today may have started out thousands of years ago as an object used by an ancient civilization. Revere’s clean process of turning scrap material into copper coil is part of copper’s everlasting life cycle. Hundreds of years from now, copper produced in our plant can still be recycled again and again.

A greener, healthier and more sustainable future relies on the use of copper.

It’s role in renewable energy is growing as we look toward more affordable and clean ways to produce electricity. Its recyclable properties and minimal impact on the environment make copper instrumental in developing sustainable cities and communities. Copper’s inherent high efficiency in conductive applications can help mitigate CO2 emissions and significantly reduce the world’s carbon footprint.