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Copper History

Revere Copper Products, Inc is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, manufacturing company in the United States. Founded in 1801 by Paul Revere, a prominent silversmith and maker of cast bronze bells and marine hardware, the new company met the young nation's need to establish a strong manufacturing base to preserve and protect its independence. Revere built the first copper rolling mill in the United States in Canton Massachusetts and our first products sheathed our ocean going Naval fleet (Old Ironsides), and covered the roofs of government buildings including the Massachusetts Statehouse.

Today Revere Copper Products, Inc. is a privately owned corporation whose only shareholders are its employees. Its business operates in a collegial, team-based structure with a manufacturing center in Rome New York.

Copper Products

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Revere's products include copper and copper alloy sheet, copper strip, copper plate, copper bar and extruded copper profiles. We offer a wide range of differentiated products including market leading architectural surfaces and products, silver flashed bar, and specialty profiles.

Serving markets including architecture, telecommunications, electrical and electronics, transportation, power generation and many , many others, we invite your inquiries and welcome your interest.

Copper & Common Sense

From China's Mercantilism
to the
U.S. Credit Meltdown
Take an inside look at how currency manipulation, tax systems, health care policies and other burdens make US jobs in manufacturing, farming & service sectors so uncompetitive that they are moving offshore. The links below explain how the mercantilism of China and other countries have contributed to the U.S. credit meltdown. Follow the links below for more information. Managers of manufacturing facilities and service companies as well as farmers and ranchers are downloading these presentations and showing it to workers, friends and politicians.

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Buffalo News Op Ed

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U.S. House Testimony
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